Guides for Understanding Water Polo Rules

Guides for Understanding Water Polo Rules

Guides for understanding water polo rules will be the great discussion for today. Well, what is water polo? For your information, water polo is one of water sports with very demanding teams. As its name, you will take the water pool as your sport field. This kind of sport is categorized for demanding any kind of sports like swimming, football soccer, ice hockey, basketball, wrestling and rugby.

Well for running this water sport, all players will be demanded to have skills and fitness. They will need to tread the water without using hand and the opponents of palm. Besides that, they will also pass and shoot the goal under fatigue. Then, you also have to swim up to 4 till 5 kilometers or it is about 2 till 3.5 miles. The athlete of this sport will be exceptional athletes indeed.

More information about water polo

So, how to understand the rules of water polo? If you want to know about them, you can keep reading here. This article is going to give you some guides for understanding them. Check reading below!

Guides for Understanding Water Polo Rules

Guides for Understanding Water Polo Rules

Learning the Rules of Game

First of all, of course you need to learn the rules of game. You have to be objective. As we know that the first aim of this game is to throw the balls to the goal post of the opposite team. There will be also the defense by the opposite team. They will try to also give the score. This part should be passed safety as well,

Second, you have to know how to start the play. Each team will have seven players on the water. There will be signal shown by the referee. What is the signal? The referee will blow the whistle. After that, he will throw the ball at the center line. This line is represented by white mark on the pool deck side.

Then, there are also two splinters. They are also very closest to the side where the ball will be thrown by the referee. As usually, you will find the fastest players will swim to their team fast. Both of those two teams will try to possess the ball. It will be no matter if ball touches hand or chest of the players.

Game Play, Fouls and Penalties

Next, you have to understand about the game play of this sport. Well, after the first possession of this match is taken, there will be the shot clock. This shot clock will be started for thirty second in the team. For having its shot clock, the team has to score. Or, they have to take the ball possession as the result of the new shot clock.

Fouls and penalties will be the last rules for you. There are some water fouls you will find. Check reading below!

  • Minor Foul

This is the most common fouls for the player. This foul will be resulted in free pass.

  • Major Foul

This type of foul will come when the players coming aggressive on a player only. There will be score kicked out of the game until they pass 20 seconds.

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