How to Do the Basic Technique of Rowing

How to Do the Basic Technique of Rowing

How to Do the Basic Technique of Rowing – Rowing is a type of water sport that has been included into Olympic. This sport can be done by single, double, and also quad. The principal of the sport is very simple—move the oar till achieve the finish line.

If you are a beginner in this sport, you should know what the advantages of this sport so you can learn it very well. Here, will be explained about it.

The Advantages of Rowing

Like other sport, rowing has many advantages for human health, such as:

  • Improving your fitness. It is because rowing can make your body move consistently, so every part of your body can be healthier after doing rowing.
  • Improving your social life. If you are interested in doing double or many members rowing, you will have good social life with other members. But if you just interested in doing solo rowing, you will get relaxation when doing it.
  • It is also weighs loss tip for you who have weight problem because this sport can make your weight loss faster.
  • Boosting your stamina and improving hand flexibility
  • Developing muscle strength, especially arm muscle and upper body.
  • Focusing your mind and make you more concentration.
  • This sport is also flexible. You can do this sport no matter how old you are.
  • Improving your heart’s health. This sport can make your heart always healthy because the movement will keep your heart’s health.
How to Do the Basic Technique of Rowing

How to Do the Basic Technique of Rowing

How to Do the Basic Techniques of Rowing

There are two types of rowing. First is sweeping, it is done by using one oar. The team usually consists of pairs, four and eight. The second is sculling, it is done by using two oars per person. The team consist of single, double or quads. Both of them have same basic technique. Here, some explanation for you:

  1. Before doing movement, you must know that rowing stroke is made up of four parts. The parts are the catch, the drive, the finish and the recovery. Every part has different task.
  2. The catch is signal start of rowing stroke. On this condition, the crew will put their oars into the water together.
  3. Drive; this is situation when the boat is levered along by using combination of legs, body and arms.
  4. Finish; The condition when the legs are extended whereas the oar will be pulled out of the water.

5. Recovery; this is a condition when the rower’s hand away from their body, they will bring themselves forward on the slide and make the stroke complete. This part is important and should be done well to make sure that the boat will have good speed until finish.

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