How to Understand the Basic Rules of Water Polo

How to Understand the Basic Rules of Water Polo

How to Understand the Basic Rules of Water Polo – Understanding basic rules of water polo will be the important discussion for you who just begin this kind of water sport. For your information, water polo is one of extreme sports you can find. It is very competitive and required game played more than four till eight minute for each period.

This sport requires seven players to be in the pool field and other six players as the regular substitutions. Playing this game will require you to understand the basic rules as well. So, do you want to know about those rules?  If you want to know about them, you can keep reading below. This article is going to discuss about them on detail.

Attacking Team and Defending Team

First of all, you have to know about the attacking team. What is attacking team? It is the team that will have the ball and they will try to score the match. Then, the defending team will try to stop and also attack their opposite team. As a result, they will get the ball and become attackers.

How to Understand the Basic Rules of Water Polo

How to Understand the Basic Rules of Water Polo

The Game

Now is your time to understand the game as well. This game will be leaded on four periods of at least 8 minutes for each period. There will be also five minute half time for the rest period. Then, you will also get two minutes for rest periods between the first and third quarters.

Substitutions and Starting Play

Here is the rule for substitution players. The coaches can substitute the players by using re- entry rule at any time during the play. Then, there will be score during these periods. Besides that, you also have to understand how to start this sport.

There will be very exciting start you pass. Two teams will line up along their goal line. They will also stay until the signal of referee released. This signal is used to start the play. Then, the players of those both teams will race for the balls. They will gain hard for its possession. After that, they will go attack.

Restarting Play

Besides starting play, you also have to understand about the restarting play. This part will be started after a team scores the goal. Then, both of those two teams have to stay on their own side. Their side will be at the half distance line center. Well, the team that was scored against will be given the ball. They will go on the offensive exactly when the referee gives the signal for them to start the action.

Goals and Fouls

How about the goal rules? The goal will be scored when there is a ball crosses the line. It line is on the goal posts. For your information, the goal cannot be scored from the free throw directly. It should be taken from 5 meters of further space and undue delay. You will be allowed for shooting the goal and carry the ball by yourself.

Talking about fouls, actually there are three fouls you can meet. They are exclusion, minor, and penalty fouls. Finally, those are all some basic rules of water polo you have to understand.

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