How to Understand the Rules of Water Polo

How to Understand the Rules of Water Polo

How to Understand the Rules of Water Polo – The rules of water polo can be the top discussion for today. As we know this kind of sport becomes the legal sport in the world since several years ago. Polo is kind of fast and furious sport that requires the players to play in the pool. There are also two teams consist of seven player for each team. Then, what is the object of this sport game?

In this sport the player will toss the ball to the opposite team. This sport match consists of 4 quarters with last seven minutes for each quarter. Then, if the game ends in the second draw, there will be more three minute sessions you can take. Why is this sport called as water polo?

Water Polo information you need

This sport is called as water polo because the originally players will rode atop some barrels. They will also hit the ball off the water surface with a stick. So, what are some rules of water polo you have to understand? If you want to know about them, keep reading below! Here is the discussion for you.

How to Understand the Rules of Water Polo

How to Understand the Rules of Water Polo


First of all, you have to know about the scoring of this water polo. For your information, you will get the score if the ball crosses the line between the crossbar and goal posts. Besides that, there will be also a goal no matter which body part propels the ball into the goal post. It will be measured from an elbow to the head. For some cases, the goal will be scored after being tossed.


This sport is consisted of seven players for each team. Meanwhile for the goalkeepers, they are not allowed to move and past the line about 2 meters from the goal line. Then, other players can move anywhere within its field.

Then, the center part takes forward a position in front of the goalie of other team directly. Meanwhile other five players will be called as perimeter players. They generally move around the field for playing defense and offense as they needed.

Ball Handling

Well, the goalkeeper will be the only player on the field. They are allowed to touch the ball with their both hands. Besides that, they also can touch the pool bottom surface. Meanwhile the field players will be only allowed to touch the ball by using one hand.

Treading Water 

There is no player allowed to touch the pool bottom except the goalie. Then, outfield players tread the water. Even, they can catch and throw the ball. There will be the way that the momentum and power will be gained in a throw. It is by propelling their bodies out of the water slightly.

Regulation Pool Size

Now, let’s talk about the pool size regulation. This sport can be played in any kind of pool size. The standard rule requires you to choose the tournament regulation. Well, the pool size will be at least five feet and nine inches deep. What about the pool dimension?

They are 96 feet with 6 inches of length and 65 feet with 6 inches of width. Then, the goal area should be on 9 feet with 9 inches and 3 feet above the water surface. So, those are all some rules of water polo that you have to understand.


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