Training Tips to Get Stronger during Water Polo Match

Training Tips to Get Stronger during Water Polo Match

Training Tips to Get Stronger during Water Polo Match – Water polo training tips will be the great discussion for today. Do you know about this kind of sport? For your information, it is the sport that are consisted by seven players for each team. This sport will take the pool as the field. Those players will smash the ball into the goalkeeper posts.

Talking about water polo, there are actually some training and conditioning tips you have to know. Those tips are designed scientifically for improving your strength and flexibility in this sport match.  Besides that, you will be also able to increase your physical development by following those tips. Every part of your body will be covered as well.

So, do you want to know about those tips? If you want to know about them, you can keep reading below. Here is the detail discussion for you.

Why should you follow those training tips?

As we know, every athlete will be able to succeed at all high levels because of their talents. It is not only about their stronger, bigger, and faster stamina on every year. But, it is also about their hard efforts for having all of talents that they have. So, there will be some training activities you can follow.

Training Tips to Get Stronger during Water Polo Match

Training Tips to Get Stronger during Water Polo Match

For your information, the key play of water polo sport is about strength, speed, and power. You can think for a moment that you need to get stronger in order to drive your performance in this sport match. You also need to shoot and catch the ball that goes on the wrestling position of the forward center side. How to do those all?

Those cool techniques will require you to improve your swimming skill on 400 meter. Besides that, you will also train your body to catch spaces more than 100 meters. Getting stronger body will really help you to win the battle of water polo. On this sport, you will also get certain injuries. For example, there are usually injuries on the shoulder and elbow.

For reducing the injury risk, you can take movement training especially for your muscles. You also need to do regular exercise with correct volume and loading. Besides that, there are also other tips you can do. Check them below!

Pulling Exercises and Taking Right Pressing

First of all, you have to improve your pulling exercises more than pushing. You can try this part becomes 3: 1 in a ratio. For taking pulling exercises, you can take these treatments:

  • Pull Ups
  • Chin Ups
  • Dead Lifts
  • Seated Rows

Besides that, you also have to be careful the most for bench pressing. You can take bench pressing with dumbbells. It will be more safety for you.

Increasing Push up Exercises

This is one of the best training for your body. It will keep your shoulders healthy. Push up is classified as kind of the close chain exercise. This exercise has been shown to be more effective to activate your shoulder’s stabilizing musculature joint. It is also kind of whole shoulder’s more natural movement than bench pressing. Finally, those are all the discussion about how to get stronger during water polo match.

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